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GF, 7 Ltl. Miller St
Brunswick East,
VIC 3057 AUS

Opening Hours

Wed–Fri 12–5pm
Sat 12–4pm



Camila Galaz Sweets to the Sweet

Opening: Wednesday 12 August, 6pm Dates: 12 – 29 August 2015


Like many of its inhabitants, the beauty of Los Angeles is often transient. It’s in the sunsets, the weather, the shadows on the sidewalk. Peeking through the shallow façade of Los Angeles is an interesting history and a rich natural environment. ‘Sweets to the Sweet’ is an expression of hazy, sundrenched memories of LA through colour, pattern, and imperfection, where what is good and what is bad is hard to distinguish and intentions are difficult to see. ‘Sweets to the Sweet’ uses text, pattern, and colour to explore the juncture between the motivation to create order from memory and the inevitable inability to do so.

Camila Galaz is an artist and writer based between Melbourne and Los Angeles. She completed a Bachelor of Fine Art (Honours) from RMIT in 2012. Her work explores the organisation and presentation of nonlinear time and memory, particularly in connection to place and space. She has exhibited across Melbourne and Los Angeles, including Blindside, Mailbox 141, Hand Held Gallery, First Site, Fracture, Brunswick Arts, RMIT School of Art Gallery, and MIA Gallery.

This work was developed in a Creative Spaces managed studio. Creative Spaces is a program of the City of Melbourne’s Arts and Culture branch.