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GF, 7 Ltl. Miller St
Brunswick East,
VIC 3057 AUS

Opening Hours

Wed–Fri 12–5pm
Sat 12–4pm



Christopher LG Hill, MAXIMUM RIM, Adelle Mills, Danae Valenza and Friends, Marcin Wojcik. SOLUTIONS

Opening: Wednesday 1 May, 6-8pm Dates: 1-18 May 2013

Bus Projects presents an exhibition of DIY art solutions.

For SOLUTIONS, a group of Melbourne artists will select, create and/or interpret freely distributed artworks and instructional pieces.

Taking the sharing of creative methods as the exhibition’s modus operandi, works will be either sourced online, newly conceived of and subsequently shared and distributable, or make use of open methods and technologies that can be freely distributed for future seekers of art solutions.

Danae Valenza:
Using video, sound installation and performance with a process-driven aesthetic, Danae Valenza’s work often hinges on phono-social experiments, placing restrictions or subtle guidelines on situations to form generative actions and exercises. The resulting works create and document a broader scope of communication, which gives focus to the individual in a collective setting.

MAXIMUM RIM is an ongoing collaboration between Antuong Nguyen and Warran Wright. Their practice includes installation, art direction, film and design.

Since 2011 MAXIMUM RIM have exhibited at Screen Space, Craft Victoria, Netherlands Institute of Media Arts and No Vacancy Gallery.

Christopher LG Hill:
Ideas of freedom mediated through the self and others, and objects.

Languages of objects undulate between the objective and subjective in both a concrete and emotional way. A poetry of space and politics occurs within people and their surrounds, in humour and struggle. An embracing of anarchist principles within inter personal relationships materialises through free intellectual property, through publications, performance, object dialogs, interaction and web interfaces. debris and words float on floors and pages like a temporary mist. Multidirectional and multidiscipline operating within as a lived politic and art, active and in flux.

Practice outcomes have inhabited ; Buyip Trax (record label run with Joshua Petherick), ENDLESS LONELY PLANET (edtior), Y3K (2009-2011) (co directed with James Deutsher),Conical, Clubs Project inc, Y3K, Gambia Castle, Enjoy, Room 103, Uplands, TCB, TATE modern, Centre Ongoing, Chateau 2f, Rear View, Art Beat, Gertrude Contemporary, Heide, Discipline, Margaret Laurence Gallery, Mir11, West wing, Techno Park, Neon Parc, MCA, Hell, wBST, CCP, Joint Hassles, UN, Loose Projects, Gallery Of South Australia, ELP, NGV Studio, Utopian Slumps, Platform artists space, Window online, , Shepparton Art Gallery, Magasine, a Copenhagen Beach, The Narrows, UQ Art Museum, Palm Springs, David Pestorious, Seventh, and others.

Adelle Mills:
Adelle Mills’s practice principally involves the production of group actions that are partly choreographed and partly improvised. Initially drawing up a compositional score, the performers are invited to respond and do so with some autonomy. Working with video, sculpture, people and place, Mills’s works attend to chance, direction and organisation to consider the agency of people and things within the same field of experience. Notions of social and material ‘difference and sameness’ are examined through performance video and spatial investigation.

Marcin Wojcik:
Marcin Wojcik completed his Bachelor of Fine Art (Honours) in Sculpture at the Victorian College of the Arts in 2010. His work uses the theatricality of performance and its manifestation as roles, props and scenes to interrogate the themes of exploration, masculinity, adventure and adversity.