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Ken Park Screening: Sedition

Opening: Friday 11 October, 7pm Dates: 11 October 2013

As part of the current fundraising exhibition ‘Sedition’, Bus Projects will present a special screening of the film ‘Ken Park’ (2002) on Friday 11 October from 7pm. Drinks and popcorn available!

‘Ken Park’ was written by Harmony Korine and is based on the journals and stories of American photographer and film-maker, Larry Clark. Set in California, ‘Ken Park’ tells the controversial story of a group of teenage skateboarders. The film was co-directed by Clark, who made the 1995 film Kids and renowned cinematographer Ed Lachman, who shot Steven Soderbergh’s award-winning ‘Erin Brockovich’ and Todd Haynes’ ‘Far From Heaven’.

Clark says the film is an “uplifting” look at modern youth that shows some of the kids overcoming the odds…”My first film Kids was about the secret world of children, where parents are not allowed. In Ken Park we go inside the houses of four families and meet the parents. Ken Park is the story of children and their parents in Visalia, California, an isolated inland town between Los Angeles and Fresno. The story flows through the lives of three young boys and one girl, all childhood friends, and their parents. The children’s and parents’ lives are unmasked and you see the ascent of violence, sex, hatred, love and the manic episodes of emotional confusion.” – Larry Clark