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Bill Hawkins My Lunch with Sanja

Dates: 2 March - 2 April 2022

My Lunch with Sanja is presented in collaboration with Composite.

Bill Hawkins in conversation with Max Delaney 28/05/2021 - “I have changed a lot since I made it (My Lunch with Sanja). At the time I was interested in how painting relates to a network. I wanted this video to embody a painting of mine and I think it still does that. I really like how the film is tedious and boring in parts as films are usually quite high in spectacle but paintings are quite low in spectacle. I really like that Andy Warhol film where he just films a person sleeping for five hours. I like my paintings to change while I paint them, maybe in this film Sanja is the paint? Or maybe she is another part of me while I paint? I don’t know but I like it, Sanja is very fun to talk to. Sometimes we are being sincere and other times we are playing characters of ourselves.”

William Hawkins (b.1992) is a Melbourne based artist and curator whose practice explores philosophical ideas in painting using a multidisciplinary approach that spans performance, installation and film. Common themes in his work include agency, identity and humour. Hawkins completed a BFA in 2015 and in 2018 graduated with Honours (First Class). In 2018 Hawkins was the recipient of the Stuart Black Memorial Scholarship and the Lowensteins Arts Management prize. In 2019 he was a First commissions recipient and completed a graduate residency at the VCA. Hawkins is housed in the Macquarie Group Collection (Sydney) and is represented by Neon Parc (Melbourne).