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Emma Morgan Last Photo Of Dick

Opening: Tuesday 4 September, 6-8pm Dates: 4-22 September 2007

Blacktown, Sydney, 1965. My Grandfather is the victim of a steel works accident, leaving him permanently brain-damaged and hospitalised for the rest of his life. In an era defined by the closed circle of the nuclear family, my Nanna is left with four young daughters, no work prospects, a vegetating husband and no forthcoming compensation. Alcoholism and violence ensues, accompanied by a difficult stepfather to the young girls. My Nanna is ostracised from her family and community, and her relationship with her daughters becomes deeply fractured.

‘Last Photo Of Dick’ was made as a response to a series of interviews conducted with my nanna, mother and two aunts about this period, specifically about their recollections prompted by the last photograph taken of my grandfather before the accident.