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GF, 7 Ltl. Miller St
Brunswick East,
VIC 3057 AUS

Opening Hours

Wed–Fri 12–5pm
Sat 12–4pm



Pip Stafford East/West/Magic/Magnetic

Opening: Wednesday 20 May, 6-8pm Dates: 20 May – 6 June 2015

East/West/Magic/Magnetic is a new work by Hobart-based artist Pip Stafford, it is an installation work that uses performance, sound and crystal radios, revealing and manipulating the unseen networks of the world, through a process of ‘sound divination’. The radio is both sculptural and performative, gleaning electromagnetic waves from the surrounding area and sonfiying them in an on going dialogue with the unknown.

Pip Stafford is a media artist who is primarily interested in networks and communication, rituals and patterns. She works in sculpture, performance, sound, video, printed matter and online media. Most recently she has been using radio and the art of transmission to explore and reveal networks and sonic ecologies.

Pip Stafford will collaborate with papaphilia and Eves for a sound performance on opening night.

This project was assisted by Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body and through Arts Tasmania by the Minister for the Arts.