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GF, 7 Ltl. Miller St
Brunswick East,
VIC 3057 AUS

Opening Hours

Wed–Fri 12–5pm
Sat 12–4pm



Tia Ansell Bound together, you and me.

Opening: Wednesday 7 August, 6 - 8pm Dates: 7 August - 31 August 2019

Utilising a Patchwork approach, Tia Ansell systematically measures, codifies, manipulates and unites her materials, being weaving, ceramics, paint and metal to form an assemblage. Tia’s materials are common-place objects that are often coupled together in our landscape. They speak of the now but connect us to the past, to the beginning of material culture, a network where ancient ideas are still present.
The production of textiles and ceramics involves several stages of process. The Chaîne opératoire provides insight into perspectives of archaeology, anthropology, architecture, ethnography and economy of our history of craft, and as a result we can analyse the complex interactions, influence and impact craft methodology has on resources, technology and society throughout time.
The Patchwork is a smooth and striated mixture, it functions as a plateau to organise physical and the metaphysical into a topographical network. A patchwork can only be analysed in its separate parts, but is tangible, sublime and realised as a whole.

‘Bound together, you and me’, presents Tia Ansell’s latest suite of works that are based on measuring various locations around Victoria and New Zealand. Tia transforms this information into a code-like system, which is then meticulously laboured, cut, cropped and bound to the patch-worked grid.
Through the action of codifying measured local, space becomes simplified and transformed into a mathematical system. However this information is duplicated, projected on to itself, and becomes a patterned complex web. The vertical warp and the horizontal weft extend beyond these pictures. They are a topographical map for the environment and time in which they came from.

Tia Ansell is a New Zealand born and Melbourne based artist. Tia has a BFA with Honours at the Victorian College of the Arts (2018), where she was the recipient numerous awards including the Majlis Travelling Scholarship, the Valerie Albiston Scholarship, the John Vickery Scholarship, the National Gallery of Victoria Women’s Association Award and the National Gallery of Victoria Prize. Tia’s recent solo exhibitions include Techne (Grids, threads and casts) at Station Gallery, Melbourne, 2019; Fate Fabrics at {Suite} Gallery, Wellington, 2019; and Evening Side at Caves Gallery, Melbourne, 2017. and group exhibitions include Melbourne Comes to Sydney at Home@735, Sydney, 2019; Smoke Screens at Lon Gallery, Melbourne, 2018; Leave the key under the mat, Bus Projects, Melbourne 2018; and South, North, to Indented Head at Hugo Michell Gallery, Adelaide, 2017. Tia is currently undertaking a MacFarlane Fund residency.